Land Clearing Services in Washington

Boots Land Clearing services are innovative, environmentally beneficial and more cost effective than hauling and burning vegetation that has been bulldozed and removed from land. From cleaning up storm damage, to prepping a home site, to tree and stump removal, our services cover a wide range of specific requirements our clients need. Our forestry mulching equipment makes this possible, as any job, big or small, can be done reliably and responsibly. Forestry mulching is not just about clearing, but also about conserving. Our equipment repurposes the removed vegetation into a nutrient rich mulch that is absorbed back into the land, which conserves the local environment. Any project you may need, Boots Land Clearing can handle it. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services or pricing.

Fire Breaks

Prevent your home or any property of yours from the dangers of forest fires. With Boots Land Clearing services, we can remove and masticate trees, brush or any other debris that is too close to your home and that would otherwise be burnable material in the event of a wildfire. Forestry mastication is the most efficient way to create a defensible space around properties, especially in the case of a burn ban, as no materials are piled or required to be burned.

Land Reclamation

With Boots Land Clearing, you can reclaim that uninhabitable land you’ve been wanting to use. If a portion of your land is covered in brush and trees, our forestry mastication process can get rid of any unwanted vegetation and turn it into usable land. If you’d like to keep certain trees or bushes, our equipment makes it easy to pick and choose what stays and what goes, as opposed to bulldozing methods that get rid of everything in its path.

Low Impact Mulching

Forestry mulching is a reliable, fast and environmentally sound land clearing method. Regardless of the type of vegetation, volume or density, mulching is an excellent solution that not only gets the job done but produces valuable ecological resources. Trees and brush get masticated into chipped material, which is then absorbed into the ground and decomposes, creating nitrogen-rich air that promotes further growth of desired vegetation. No brush piles are created and no hauling fees are accrued, making this a highly affordable land clearing option.

Site preparation

The first step on your journey of building your dream home or property is clearing the land before construction begins. We can work with you one-on-one to clearly understand your ideas and specifications, giving the building crew a perfect blank canvas for construction to start. If you also need to enhance the view from your future home or need to define the property line, we can work with you on any necessary vegetation clearing.